Use analog output to listen to DVI based audio call

4 thoughts on “Use analog output to listen to DVI based audio call

  1. Hi All,


    In my application I use the DVI interface to send and receive audio during a voice call. My application uses modem-like tones (implemented digitally) to talk to equipment on the far end. Fine. Here is the question:


    During a DVI based call, can I configure the analog front end to output the entire audio of the call on the EAR interface (so that I can listen in)? If yes, how?


    This would be a great help in debugging my problem.





    1. Hi Ciaran,


      if what you need is a loop between DVI RX and DVI TX ie a sort of "echo" from, audio in and audio out youi can make use of

      AT#OAP=1 command to enable this loop ( =0 to disable ).

      You just need to verify your Fw version on module since it is a feature supported just recently


      1. No, it’s not really an echo or loop back I need. It’s where on a proper end to end call (where the audio is played and received over DVI) that I can also turn on the analog part and listen in. Do you see what I mean?