USB driver for WIN7

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  1. We use a UC864 and installed the USB driver found in "Telit_UC864_USB_Driver_Windows Desktop_2000_XP_VistaWindows Desktop[2000,XP,Vista]".

    Unfortunately it don’t work as expected. What reason could be? Is there anothe driver for WIN7?

      1. Cosmin,


        what was the answer to this one ?


        I’m looking for the USB driver for the UC864 Interface Board too

         – winXP or win7





  2. Hi Cosmin,


    We are also looking for the Win7 x64 USB driver for the UC864 board.  The driver that came with the eval kit doesn’t seem to work.  Can you help? 



      1. Hi Cosmin,


        Thanks for your help and prompt response, the file you sent works beautifully.


         In the link you posted, we don’t have access to the Download Zone, and the drivers we had were the most up to date option from the manufacturer.  Next time we’ll use the Contact the Admin link in method 3.


        Is there a reason these updated builds can’t be distributed publically with some sort of beta disclaimer, since they appear to be helpful to some?


        Thanks again,

        1. I suppose is about channels, distributions, local markets, customers policies etc, a better place to ask would be "Contact Us" link on top of the page.

  3. When I tried to install it in Windows 7, 64bit I get an error


    There is no such archive


    Seems to install fine on XP.  Any suggestions?

      1. I can un-zip it just fine.  The problem is when I run it, the program cannot find some data it is looking for.  This same .exe file works fine on 32bit XP but not on 64bit Windows 7.  See the attached screen shot of the error messages. 


        I also used winzip to unzip it and got the same problem.  The problen is not unzipping it.