USB driver for GT863/GT864 series

4 thoughts on “USB driver for GT863/GT864 series

  1. Hi,

    I looked everywhere, but I could find no documentation /
    information about the recommendeddriver for the USB port  on GT863 or
    GT864 series.

     Is this a Virtual Com Port?

    Do I need any driver?

    What driver do I need

    Can you please help me?

    Thanks and Regards,

     – Fabio

    1. Please check Telit GT864-QUAD / PY Terminal  Product Description, Chapter 3.6.3 Mini USB type connector, page 17. Is not an USB pipe but use for other purposes audio or GPIO depending of version.

      1. Thank you Cosmin for your swift reply, you have enlightened me. My question was intended for both GT863 and GT86 series. I made a quick comparison:


        == GT863-PY ==
        – Python

        == GT864-PY ==
        – Python
        – mini-USB connector (warning: custom pin-out)

        == Telit GT863-3GG ==
        – no Python
        – USB virtual COM port? driver OS not specified?

        == Telit GT864-3G ==
        – no Python
        – USB virtual COM port driver for Telit UC864-E (Linux, WinCE)



        If I have seen correctly,
        1) here is a documentation gap for the mini-USB function of the  Telit GT863-3GG. It is not specified whether it is a VCP and nothing about the driver

        2) Telit GT864-3G needs USB virtual COM port driver for Telit UC864-E. They are available just for Linux and WinCE, not for Linux/Windows as specified in the datasheet

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