URC on external event

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    I’m using python and MOD.powerSaving().

    I need something that interrupts the MOD.powerSaving() after GPIO or DTR change.

    The best way will be URC  message, but I can’t find any command, which connects GPIO or DTR with URC message.

    I found only EvMoni, but there isn’t possibility to generate URC.


    Maybe exist command which react on GPIO or DTR change and generates URC message?


    Maybe there is another way to resolves this problem? (external microcontrollers are not the solution)


    1. Maybe RTS line is what you want?


      gets the cause of exiting of Python script from the power saving mode

      an external event e.g.: URC unsolicited message (ex. RING of incoming calls) or putting RTS high (when it goes
      back to low the power saving mode remains disabled)