URC, MDM, MDM2, Python

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  1. I’m using Python on GE683-GPS.


    I have a question:

    In which interface MDM or MDM2 I can see URC code after use AT+CREG=1? This question concerns all AT commands which can turn on URC (in example #JDR, +CGREG etc.)


    In example I saw #JDR URC on MDM and MDM2 at the same time. It also concerns RING URC.

    I have to know what kind of URC I should expect on MDM or MDM2.

      1. Could you check it with anybody else to be shure?
        In my experience I know that some URC appear only on MDMx on which the enable command was set, but I have to be shure that it always its the same.
        Thanks a lot for help
    1. We can read in Easy Script in Python:


      Though MDM2 built-in module is independent from activation of CMUX on ASC0, i
      works on the second instance of AT parser in the same way the second CMUX port does
      So the rules on AT commands that apply on the first and second CMUX ports (AT parser
      instances) apply on MDM and MDM2 as well. 


       And in AT Commands Reference Guide notes are given for commands that send URC only on setup AT or a specific command parser instance, see AT+CNMI, AT#TEMPMON, AT#GSMAD.

    1. And I got this notice from my colleagues:


      RING is sent in all the AT instances.
      URCs, not enabled by default, are sent only in the AT istance where they have been activated.