Unexpected GPRS traffic

6 thoughts on “Unexpected GPRS traffic

  1. It was detected on two different devices that use GE865-QUAD.


    First device is uploaded file to FTP server using Python script.


    Second device is uploaded data to TCP server and is controlled by AT-commands from additional controller.


    From time to time the volume of GPRS traffic is very huge.


    On Python controlled device, I found that it is observed after stopping the script during FTP tranfer, but not every time.


    On other device it is not possible to detect this.


    Any ideas? 

    1. Hi Nikolay,


      Would be good to have a network sniffer to understand the cause, I think the Python application sends many small packets, in which case you should buffer data in some way, and send large chunks.

      1. Sorry for bad explanation…

        I mean that during GPRS transfer, stopping of python script by exception causes resending of last packet with several times per second. This is made by embedded TCP/IP stack. I can see it using Wireshark.

        On device that is using python script control I can prevent this. But on other device (not my design) we found also high traffic volume. The said device is controlled by microcontroller and AT-commands. How to prevent this traffic.

        1. Wouldn’t work these methods, from gentle to brute force: deactivate GPRS context, deregister from GPRS services, and lastly reboot the modem?