UL865 – USB Connection

3 thoughts on “UL865 – USB Connection

  1. Hopefully my questions are not stupid. If they are, please consider that the TELIT UL865 is totally new to me. Thanks in advance. Here are the question(s):

    1. Can I connect the UL865 module directly to the PC and communicate with it via Virtual COM without using the MAIN serial com port once the module is powered and working?

    2. If not is there any other way to use the module’s USB port? I would imagine that I would have to initialize the module using the MAIN serial com port and then use the USB to transfer data once communications are established. Is this correct?  

    1. If you have the drivers installed the module is directly accessible via USB. The doc to be read is “HE910/UE910/UL865 Families Ports Arrangements User Guide”.

      1. Thank you Cosmin. I connected with UL865 directly from USB without need for serial interface following instructions in the manual you stated above.