UL865 shutdown procedure

4 thoughts on “UL865 shutdown procedure

  1. The clause 5.2 of Telit_UL865_Hardware_User_Guide_r4 document says the AT#SYSHALT command is used to turn-off the modem. It seems that modem does not know this command, it replies ERROR.

    Command AT#SHDN is able to shutdown the modem, but after a shutdown the modem goes up again. How could the modem be shut-downed and stay turned off until the power is recycled??

    1. Hi Sergey,


      the SYSHALT on HW user guide is a typo, sorry.

      SYSHALT is not  enabled; use AT+CFUN=4 + 5 Sec instead of SYSHALT.

      For what concern AT#SHDN, please remember UL865 self turn ON.