UL865-EUR python debug issue

2 thoughts on “UL865-EUR python debug issue

  1. Dear Sir,

    We are using UL865-EUR module in our project. We want to debug python by USB port. We are able to receive data using USB0 library. but we are unable to receive SER and printf statements on USB port. We alos tried AT#PORTCFG=3 command as well.   below are python source code.

    Please let me know, What we are doing wrong.

    import SER
    import USB0

    print ‘SER_send_rcv.pyrn© 2009 Telit Communicationsr’

    while (1==1):
        print ‘hello dear’
        b = USB0.send(‘test n’)
        SER.send(‘HELLO 1’)



    1. SER and print messages are sent to their respective hardware ports ie USIF0 and USIF1, see the 46.2.1 chapter in Telit HE910/UE910/UL865 Families Ports Arrangements User Guide document.