2 thoughts on “UL865-EUD

  1. Dear Sirs,

    we developed a new board with your UL865-EUD module and we are having some issues connecting to our server.

    We managed to establish a successful PDP connection, but when we are trying to dial a socket (AT#SD) we always get an ERROR.

    If we then call AT#CEER we get a response #CEER: 260 (PDP unsuccessful activation cause socket error).

    The network gave the module an IP address and the mobile operator is showing to us, that we have successfully established a PDP connection.

    If we send the command AT#CGPADDR=1, we get the the network assigned IP address #CGPADDR: 1,”172.xx.xx.xx”.

    What else can we try?

    What can cause this problem?

    AT#CGMM gives the response #CGMM: UL865-EUD

    AT#CGMR gives the response #CGMR: 12.00.614

    We are thanking you in advance for any kind of suggestion or response.

    Kind regards,

    Gregor K.

    1. Hello,

      could you please provide us a log of the issue you described? Please include all the AT commands you’re using.

      If it possible, provide us the server address and port you’re attempting to dial in order we can carry out some tests and try to reproduce your issue.

      Best regards