UL865 devices spontaneously reboot

3 thoughts on “UL865 devices spontaneously reboot

  1. Ahoy!


    We are having some issues with UL865 devices which have started rebooting themselves while in Python mode (haven’t tried in standard AT mode yet). When I check the Python output I don’t get a stack trace so it’s not a clean reboot. The reboot happens after anywhere between 19 seconds to half an hour, though usually within 60 seconds. The device is set to start our Python script if no AT command is set, and that is working just fine.


    The firmware version is 12.00.603-B063. I realize that this is virtually no information to work with, but do you have any pointers on where we could start searching? So far I have tested this on 10 of our units and all of them seem to be affected by it.


    Can poor reception trigger this behavior? 

    1. Can be, indeed poor signal can drive higher power supply current which can put a not strong enough supply in difficulty.

      1. We have followed the specs with help from Telit, but we might have very well missed something. We will do some experiments during next week, but it’s more and more pointing towards it being a power supply issue.