UE910NAR – HTTPRCV returns error for partial receive

4 thoughts on “UE910NAR – HTTPRCV returns error for partial receive

  1. Does  AT#HTTPRCV support partial receive? The documentation seems to indicate YES, but when I set the receive size on the second parameter, the modem always returns an error.

    See attached log.

    Please note that if I use AT#HTTPRCV without the partial receive option ( i.e. receive all ), then it does work, but my microcontroller fails due to RAM size limits. We need the partial receive so that we can download segments of data and store in our external SPI flash (the result being the entire data file is stored in flash).

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    1. I think you must upgrade the firmware, the latest is 12.00.xx6, #HTTPRCV maxByte param works with this one.

      1. Sorry, I’ve never updated Telit firmware. How do we update the firmware, and how do we ensure that our devices are up to date for manufacturing? We just received these prototypes in the past month… 

        1. The firmware update procedure is described in Telit Modules Software User Guide doc and the required tool & firmware files are available in the Download Zone.