UDP sockets from any IP

2 thoughts on “UDP sockets from any IP

  1. I am trying to create a pass through serial port using UDP. I want it to be able to accept packets from any IP address.

    From my research, it seems as though you can only set up the modem to accept data from specific IP address, and not all of them.

    AT#SD allows you set up 6 different sockets, but you must specify a specific IP address.

    Is there a way to program the modem to allow UDP sockets and packets from any IP address?

    Or is there a way to set up a connection pool that would dynamically create these sockets when I recieve a packet?

    1. To accept incoming UDP data the modem must be set as server which is done with AT#SLUDP; filtering the IP sources is done via the firewall see AT#FRWL.