UC864-G End of life?

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  1. Hello,


    For a new product I’m designing, I’m looking for a module that can work globally, has built in GPS and minimises the amount of FCC/PTCRB etc certification that I need to do. The UC864-G sounds like it fits the bill in that regard. However, our local supplier told me that the product was going end of life, yet I wasn’t able to back that information up on the Telit website.


    Can Telit confirm the status of this product? Is it currently avaiable for new designs? 

    1. Indeed there is an EOL doc issued for UG864-G and -WD on May 7th 2013.


      –     Build To Order term: May 31
       , 2013
      From this date the product is available upon firm order, (not cancellable and not re-schedulable)
      –     Last Buy Order term: October 31
       , 2013
      Orders  will  only  be  confirmed  till  this  date.  Later  orders  for  the  affected  products  might  be  accepted
      upon availability on the product parts
      –     Last Shipment term: April 30
      , 2014
      Last  shipping  date  that  can  be  requested  for  scheduled  orders,  which  were  placed  before  Last  Buy
      Order Term
      –     End of Maintenance term: October 31
      , 2014
      TTSC and Telit R&D will no longer provide support on the product. From the date of this notice, Telit
      can no longer provide additional maintenance software releases for the affected EoL P/Ns