Two GSM antenna connected to the same RF out pin

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  1. Dear All,


    I am designing a product with GL865-DUAL and I need to use two different gsm antenna one is internal ceramic the other is external GSM antenna. External antenna is used in places where signal quality is poor around the device.  Connection scheme is like star connection like Y . Two Arms are connected to the antennas while the other line is feed by rf signal.


    Could I have to match rf signal output to these antennas?


    Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks.


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    1. the two antenna arms (supposing they have 50 ohm of characteristic impedance) if in parallel will offer theoricallly an  input impedance of 25 ohm which should be matched  to the rf line with a transformer or with a matching network with discrete components .


      But maybe  a better solution is switch between  the two antennas: with an electronic switch (GaAs)  or with a switch connector  or with a R0