Turning on the GE864-QUAD V2 (1000ms or not)

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  1. Hi there


    How long should the ON# line be held low under normal conditions?


    In the hardware user guide, it says that the ON# line should be held low for at least 1000ms,  unless below 3.4V where is says:



    • (Revision 5 hardware user manual) – 4 seconds (page 26)
    • (Revision 6 hardware user manual) – 5 seconds (page 26) and 3 seconds (page 27) – I presume this is a mistake?



    In our latest production batch, 1050ms does not always seem to be enough, even with power at 3.68V (see attachment). We have checked for correct soldering using x-ray images.


    So why is this? Is the 1000ms number wrong? Are there other hardware revisions?


    What is the official length of time to hold the ON# pin low for normal power up?


    Many thanks




    1. As you can see in text and the power-on logic diagram the startup must be done monitoring PWRMON, taking decisions on its signals.


      To check if the device has powered on, the hardware line PWRMON should be monitored.
      After 1000ms the line raised up the device could be considered powered on. 


       The term is "at least one second", I think the safest method is to have enough margin above, and use the PWRMON checking.


      1. Hello,


        Thanks for your reply. We do monitor the PWRMON signal and this is shown in blue on the previous attachment. The problem is that this changes.


        1/ We do hold the ON# line low for at "least one second" – 1050ms is a 5% margin


        2/ We do monitor the PWRMON signal – and it does go high, but  the PWRMON line then drops.


        So we do follow your rule, but it is not working. So how long should we hold the ON# line for?