Total Low Power

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  1. Hello, I use a democase to evaluate the NE50 technology, for a low power
    embedded application powered by 2 AA batteries. I setup an end point in Total
    Low Power Mode (Reg 340 = 2). Once the end poind is associated with the
    coordinator, i power OFF the coordinator to simulate this fault case. The end
    point try the auto repair procedure and enter in sleep mode definitively, even
    when i power ON the coordinator again. Since my host processor is sleeping too,
    i have no ressource to wake up and repair my end-point in this case. Is it
    possible to "internally" wake up the EndPoint/NE50 periodically in this
    situation, to reinitialize the attachment with a parent ? Thanks for your help.

    1. Hi,

      you should manage J18 pin, changing the logic status, or shut down and power on again End Device in order to get synchronization between Coord and ED.