Tiny pro 868 MHz. mesh mode. signal level measurement??

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  1. Hi all.

    we are using some tiny pro 868 modules with mesh protocol and we need to know the RF signal level the antenna is receiving… we know this is so simple when usin S-one protocol but the ATN command does not work with M-one protocol.

    latest firmwares of this M-one protocol have this feature? any advice?


    Emilio Lechosa

    1. Hi,
      the range of signal is the same as S-One:
        ‘0’ : received level < -87dBm
      – ‘1’ : received level between -87 and -82dBm
      – ‘2’ : received level between -82 and -77dBm
      – ‘3’ : received level > -77dBm
      On Mesh Stack you can set the range you want.
      Set 0 to allow association even in bad conditions of reception.
      Set up to 3 to allow association only when beacon parent is strong received.
      Refer to Register 305.

      1. Good morning Cosmin and thank you for your answer…..  how can I read that range of the signal?… sending ATN to the device from the coordinator?…

        using the 3.10 version of the M-one firmware the module answer "ERROR"…..


        1. At the present this feature is not implemented. I’m checking with R&D if it will be possible in next FW version.

          So I guess the only possibility now is to R/W register 305 (ATS cmd). 

          1. I have read your answer about signal level measurement for Tiny One (M-One protocol).

            I am using NE50-868 module, with "Low Power Mesh Protocol".

            Do you know if it is possible to have signal level measurements in this module?

            Thank you very much in advance.

          2. Hi,
            on low power mode it is not possible to get RSSI info (like ATN command on S-One protocol stack tiny One). 
            A workaround is to use a sniffer module near the other module in order to capture info about quality signal.