timeout in AT#FTPRECV?

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  1. Hi,


    sometimes I get no response from a GE865 QUAD after applying AT#FTPRECV?.


    After 100 seconds my software repeats the command. In that case an "ERROR" is received from the GSM module. Obiously this occurs only when there is no data available.


    For how long does my software have to wait for a response?


    Second thing is that the FTP transfer stops  sometimes. Although the file is not completely transferred the buffer of the GE865 Quad runs empty and no new data is loaded.


    Any ideas how this could occur?


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    1. Hi Alexander,


      I see most FTP commands have the timeout set to 500 seconds.

      Do you have the latest firmware installed?

      Are you using flow control and what is your AT&K setting?


      1. Hi Cosmin,


        yes, the timeout of most of the FTP functions is set to 500 seconds by default but does the #FTPRECV? command have a timeout of 500 seconds, too?


        It is hard to update the firmware in our application. Have there been improvements regarding FTP?


        No, flow control is not used but I’m sure that no data is lost on the serial interface. The AT&K setting is K3. But I guess we are operating in command mode so it should not be active.


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        1. In any case you should set AT&K0. What firmware version have you there, I know there were improvements in FTP in the latest ones?


          1. Normally you don’t have to wait so much since AT#FTPRECV just read the data present in the buffer. It doesn’t interract with the FTP server like #FTPGETPKT which is used to open the FTP data port.



          2. Hi Andrea,


            but why are we getting timeouts on AT#FTPRECV?


            And what is the maximum response time that  we can expect?


            Best regards,


          3. OK, but what might be the reason that we do not get a response and when the command is repeated after 100 seconds the GE865 returns the string ERROR?

          4. to understand more about this issue, we shoud perform some more test and traces. Moreover it would be worth to start testing the latest 10.00.007.

          5. Hi Cosmin,


            OK, so I will switch over to AT&K0.


            The firmware revision we are currently using is  10.00.003

  2. Hi,


    we did some tests with the latests firmware. Until now it seems that the timeout issue is nearly gone. With the older firmware we had at least a few timeouts during one download. By now  we have had 2 timeouts within 10 downloads.


    Any ideas how to get to the problem. We have started a new project using the GE865 again.