Timeout at GPRS-communication with Telit GC864-QUAD-V2

One thought on “Timeout at GPRS-communication with Telit GC864-QUAD-V2

  1. Dear technical support team,


    my customer has some problems using the Telit GC864-QUAD-V2.



    Siegfried Ehinger



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    Description of the failure:


    We have the Telit GSM module GC864 – QUAD V2 integrated with our devices. To communicate a TCP / IP connection to the control center ( internet PC ) is established. This control station sends commands to the device , which are then answered .   Times of 0.5 – 2 seconds is normal. However, it sometimes occurs that remains " stuck" the response in the transmit buffer of the Telit module. After about 30 seconds, the computer stops communicating with a timeout .   As an attachment ( Protocol.Zip ) I will send you a full recording of the serial interface: < Comucont_TEST_V24.txt  


    I’ve filtered out the non-relevant data in the file < Comucont_TEST_V24_Ausschnitt.txt > in the annex: -07:36: 22,775 TCP/IP connection -07:39: 53,190 Control Center (PC) starts the communication -Then-normal communication (maturities < 2 Seconds) – 07:41: 10,302 This 16-Byte "hang" in the Send Buffer 07:41: 46,469 control Center stopped Communication-> timeout

    To explain :   To receive data reports the modem ‘ SRING x, x’ , they are then ‘ AT # SRECV x = x’ read with the command. Then is sent with the command ‘ AT # SSEND = 1’ in binary response. The send progress is cyclical with the query ‘ AT # SI = 1’ checks ( the last parameter returns the number of characters in the transmit buffer).   è In the transmission process , which was launched at 07:41:10,302 , is the number of characters in the transmit buffer for over 30 seconds = 16, ie Data has not been sent. è The communication is then aborted


    Please contact the customer directly.


    Many thanks for your time and support.


    Johann Papp