Testing SER and SER2

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  1. Hello!


    I am testing SER and SER2 on an EVK2 with a GE865 module.

    I am using the attached script.

    In doing this I have some question concerning what I am seeing.

    I am attaching a serial log file that I will try to explain.


    I uploaded the script to the EVK2 and made it executable.

    With the PC connected to the top serial port (ASC0) and the terminal software set to 115200 and no flow control, I started the script using AT#EXECSCR

    This produced the results I expected as can be seen in the attached log.

    This could be repeated by again sending the AT#EXECSCR command.

    However, reseting the EVK2 or restarting it resulted in no output at all.




    Continueing, I connected the PC to the bottom serial port (ASC1) and set the terminal software to 38400 and no flow control.

    This repeatedly resulted in the output I expected, on every reset or restart.


    Why the difference between ASC0 and ASC1?


    Also, is there any way to turn of the Trace info coming out of ASC1 before I take control of it? The connected hardware is not happy with the flood of characters. 


    I would appreciate help in understanding the differences I see, and assistance in  turning off Trace.



    1. You need to set an automatic method to start the Python app at module startup, see 4.1.5 Execute Python script paragraph of Easy Script in Python doc.