Temporary GSM transmission disable

2 thoughts on “Temporary GSM transmission disable

  1. I’m using GL865 V3 module. I have issues with radio interference so I would like to temporary disable radio so module won’t use 900 MHz radio. The best would be instant radio disable for few seconds (2 seconds).

    I’ve searched AT command reference guide for suitable command.. I’ve found only CFUN command with cause network deregistration. Do you know any better solution for quick and short radio disable?

    1. Using AT+CFUN=2 you can disable the TX without deregistering the module. Of course it depends on how many seconds the module will stay with TX disabled.

      Another solution is the “Alternate Function” :

      – GPIO4 – alternate function is “RF Transmission Control”

      The GPIO4 pin, when configured as RF Transmission Control Input, permits to disable the transmitter when the GPIO is set to Low by the application.