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  1. Hi guys,

    I have been trying to interface my Telit GE863-PY module (in fact GT863-PY terminal) with a 2 GB SD card.  However I cannot even initialize the SD card.  I changed the GPIO numbers in the module to (GPIO4,5,6,7).  Would that be a problem? I am inspecting the logic analyzer results and all the initialization waveforms are generated and sent to the SD card.  However the clock is not uniform, would it be a problem for the SD card? Because I am sending the same initialization sequence with a microcontroller and the card goes to the idle state immediately. As far as I see, the only difference is the uniformity of the clock pulses.  Did anybody try the sdio driver with GE863?


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    PS: The firmware of the module is 07.03.801



    1. Erol, please try the following changes in (thanks to Simon):


      1. Line 151 (change line)

      (-) ret = sd_defs.sdcard.readbyte()
      (+) ret = ord(sd_defs.sdcard.readwrite(‘xFF’,1))

      2. Line 171 (delete line)

      (-) sd_raw_send_byte(0xff)

      1. I too would like to use the python sd library to store data on sd-card from a GT863-PY. Is it possible to directly connect an SD card to GPIO connector of the GT863PY, or is it necessary to interface it with some "level shifter" or another converter?

  2. Thanks, that’s what I need! Two questions:

    1) the file says that "the SDIO test example is built and tested on GM862-QUAD-PY using GPIO 9, 12, 11, 8, data in (11) and data out (12) pins having internal pull-up resistor.";

    from "GE_GC864-QUAD_V2_and_GE864-GPS_Hardware_User_Guide_r9" on page 16 seems that the pins of gpio do not have internal pull up resistors. Shall I add two pull up resistors at pins that will be dedicated to the "data in" and "data out"?


    2) I have "sd python library 16/12/09 First version": is available a newer version?


    Thank you!

    p.s. i’m talking of ge864 quad v2 enclosed on gt863-py case!

    1. Yes pins that don’t have internal pullups these must be added externally.


       There is no newer version but the above patch might be needed.