Telit LTE USB Modem not visible in Device Manager

3 thoughts on “Telit LTE USB Modem not visible in Device Manager

  1. Hello,

    I have connected two different EVK2 boards with LE920  (one after the other, not in the same time) on my computer with Win7 64bit and the modems ceased to be visible. I cannot access the modems through TAT Controller anymore. If I try to reuse the COM Ports (3-9 by using chgport in cmd window) they are all marked as occupied. So my first impression is that there is a port occupation conflict.

    I attached a picture of my device manager where the LTE modems are shawn grey (as inactive, even if  one EVK2 board is currently connected through USB cable. 

    Any suggestion?

    1. Hello Radu, 


      I have attached an instructions manual for drivers installation and SW flashing of the LE920 module.

      Please uninstall the device drivers and install them again according to the manual sent.


      Let me know if you enconter any issues.