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  1. Hi.

    Now I’m learn how to use TCP AT  Run function.

    I tested it last week and it worked, but now I can’t  establish connection.

    here I write what I do :

    Power On GSM module and wait if is registered .

    then send command for open GPRS connection




    GSM module return IP adress.

    for setting of TCP AT RUN in client mode set this:



    and respond is OK




    Clear all firewall setting (only for server mode)



    Clear all authentication (only for server mode)




    Wait for answer from gsm module



    No delay.

    And now I want enable connection to my defined server



    but return ERROR.


    for test if correct connect to the network and can connect to any server I made test with any socket and all work .

    I open socket to my server and can send and receive data with out of problem.

    But I can’t enable gsm module to connect to my server for AT command  service.


    what I have wrong set.



    1. Do you have AT+CMEE=2 set? If not do it and check the error message.


      Is server open on port 1832? I can’t connect from here.

    1. now test connection to my server .

      and yes.

      if want communicate with my server , is no problem to open socket and send and receive data from to gsm module. only TCP AT run service don’t work


          1. That one is alive; is the same you are using for AT run application?


            If it used to work and now fails, do a firmware reload and check after.

          2. I don’t receive respond after some time (on first try connect and then send error).

            send error respond immediately.

            try connection to my server with socket again and again and work good. 

          3. I’m re-flash firmware and try it , but still same problem:
            context not opened


            but if try socket it work

            what is incorrect ???

            any suggestion??? 

  2. Hi. 

    I solve my problem but I don’t know what is wrong.

    I’m defined service in socket 6 but if test all socket then find problem.

    Only first 3 socket can be use for AT RUN service.

    if test with socket 1,2,3 all work with out of problem .

    but if define in configuration with socket 4,5,6 then result is error  context not opened

    now I know so must use only socket 1..3 . but in documentation is write so is possible use socket 1..6 what is wrong???



    #SCFG: 1,1,300,90,600,50

    #SCFG: 2,1,300,90,600,50

    #SCFG: 3,1,300,90,600,50

    #SCFG: 4,2,300,90,600,50

    #SCFG: 5,2,300,90,600,50

    #SCFG: 6,2,300,90,600,50



    all socket setting are same


    PS: then I test socket connection and error is same , I can use only 3 socket (1..3) .

    I have bad setting or firmware have bug ???

     GSM is GE865 quad firmware is 10.00.004

    1. Hello.
      During the detailed examination of documentation I’ve found a reason why we did not work all the socket.
      # SCFG … <cid> …
      In the first three <cid> socket is set to 1, with the rest of their value 2
      if I exchanged the socket at all <cid> to 1, so everything just works socket (1 .6).
      I therefore apologize for, the error was due to improper settings of the socket settings