Switch between GPRS and 3G on UC864-E

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  1. I have UC864-E modem.

    I want to know the AT commands to select between GPRS(2G) mode and 3G mode for data communication. I have gone through the documentations on the telit product page but not able to find any such information.

    1. Yes they are, of course at 2G/3G switch the kinks are disconnected, so take care to clean up your comms before.


  2. Ok thanks for the reply, I’m now succussfully able to connected to 3G network using pppd on linux ! 🙂

    I had another question. How do we know whether the modem is in coverage of 2G network or 3G network ? Like in our mobile phones, either G, E, 3G, or H is displayed according to the network coverage/type. How do we ‘get’ such info ??

    1. The same AT+WS46 of course in its read form ie AT+WS46? . To check each available network switch to them one by one and use network survey functions AT#MONI, AT#CSURV, AT#SERVINFO.



      1. AT+WS46? will return the value of mode ‘set’ by us.

        But, for example we have set AT+WS46=25 (both GERAN and UTRAN)

        Then how do we know whether we are in coverage of 3G network or 2G network ? And from the AT#MONI, AT#CSURV, AT#SERVINFO commands is there any way to distinguish between 2G and 3G network ?

        1. As I said, to check coverage switch to desired mode and do a network suvey. The return format of the said commands are different for each network type; more check AT#PSNT for a quick info on net type.

          1. Unhappily, I still do not have access to the Download Zone despite repeated request via our supplier and directly.

            I would be most grateful if you could make this happen. 

          2. Hallo.

            We use the U864-E module in our products. 

            Please, can you tell me what does AT+WS46=25 do exactly? I suppose that according to the signal quality of network the modem registrates to GSM or WCDMA network after its startup. 

            Does module provide automatic switching between GSM and WCDMA after its first registration?

            Let’s assume the modem is registered to the WCDMA and it moves to location with poor WCDMA signal. Does it re-register to GSM network? If not, what is the correct procedure to do this manually

            Thank you.

          3. with AT+WS46=25 the access technology selection is done automatically with priority given to WCDMA. In case WCDMA network coverage is not good enough the module will perform an handover to GSM and it will remain registered on that technology until WCDMA network will be back again.