Suspend Socket with +++

4 thoughts on “Suspend Socket with +++

  1. Hi there again, 🙂


    I’ve several problems to get my socket back in command mode. My solution at the moment: 


    do_log("Disconnect -> close Socket")
    while(MDM.getDCD() == 1):
        Result = MDM.receive(15)


    Result = MDM.receive(20)


    Sometimes it stucks until watchdog reboots the system… What is a solution, which i’m 1000% sure that MDM is back in command mode?



      1. But do you know my problem? Yes i can try to set a longer guard time, but also then, it doesnt work 100%. Is it the right way to check MDM.getDCD() ? Because unless MDM.getDCD() is not false, the module is not in command mode, right? :-/


        Or what are especially the reasons, why MDM.send(‘+++’,20) will not work properly?


        THX 🙂