Strange errot message

4 thoughts on “Strange errot message

  1. Hi Cosmin


    I just encountered an error message as follows:

    ……line 245, in FTPopen                            
    SystemError: new style getargs format but argument is not a tuple
                    # clear __builtin__._
                                         # clear sys.pat……


    And this line 245 (and following line 246) are as follows (with some info masked):


    res4 = MDM.send(‘AT#FTPOPEN="","zcitynetyyyyyy","passw",0r’)
    MOD.sleep(20)                   #Wait 2 sec


    Never seen before, although I have used similar pieces of code before.




    1. Use " to escape double quotes, and MDM.send needs two parameters (you’re missing the timeout).

      1. Thanks again Cosmin,


        for your quick response.


        Sorry, my mistake. I was too quick to copy from elsewhere and missed the timeout parameter here!  🙁


        But actually, no need to modify the quotes. This form I have used a long time, and also worked here after inserting the missing timeout parameter.


        However, to say the least, the error message is quite confusing…


        Is there any place where one could see the error message explanations in complete, tuned for PythonWin?


        Cheers, Tom