store short message on SIM

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  1. Hi,


    I’m using the GE865-Quad.


    When I try to store a short message on the SIM card I get the Error SIM busy.


    What do I have to do to store the message?


    Here is the communication between HOST and GE865:


    HOST -> AT&F1<0D>
    GE865 -> AT&F1<0D><0D><0A>OK<0D><0A>
    HOST -> ATE0<0D>

    GE865 -> ATE0<0D><0D><0A>OK<0D><0A>
    HOST -> ATE0<0D>
    GE865 -> 0D><0A>OK<0D><0A>
    HOST -> AT+CPIN="4389"<0D>
    GE865 -> <0D><0A>OK<0D><0A>
    HOST -> AT+CSCA="+491710760000"<0D>
    GE865 -> <0D><0A>OK<0D><0A>
    HOST -> AT+CMGF=0<0D>
    GE865 -> <0D><0A>OK<0D><0A>

    HOST -> AT+CMGW=73<0D>
    GE865 -> <0D><0A>+CMS ERROR: 314<0D><0A>

    1. Is something else that is using the SIM, maybe the registration process? Wait some more time before +CMGW command.

      1. Now I inserted a 7 second delay but sometimes I still get this error.


        Let’s say 90% of the trials are good and 10% still lead to Error 314.