Store email on Telit module to reflash my micro….

4 thoughts on “Store email on Telit module to reflash my micro….

  1. I want to flash my Atmel micro via email.


    The micro I’m using to communicate with the telit module (GL865) only has a small amount of RAM (2K bytes), so I cant download an email in its entirety. Can I store the email on theTelit module, then pull it off a few bytes at a time to reflash my micro???


    I dont have any hardware handshaking (RTS, CTS etc) available between the micro and the Telit module.





      1. Hi Cosmin,


        File size is approx 100K bytes. (Its an Intel Hex record format)


        I dont know which email facility to use, any suggestions?






        1. There is no builtin incoming email with attachment feature, the way I would do it is a small Python app to fetch the file via FTP and load it into the micro. There even is an OTA upgrade Python example which can be modified.