stability of PythonWin

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  1. I use WinXP with SP3 and PythonWin.

    what to hell, I need to PythonWin work stable????

    still crash. and I don’t know what I need to reload or restart or ???? to run again with out of restart complete PC.

    only I have problem with this or there are more user .

    1. i am using eclipse as IDE

      you cant compile your code right in it but if you show source files provided by telit

      you will have more decent working environment and autocomplete support

      1. Me too. 


        I used to have same problem with Win Xp and Win 7 starter,  until this week end, when i buy a  different module of recent and realised, the python version on the module seems to be  the problem. Double check if it’s vers 07.30.404 and not earlier.


        I hope that helps.

        1. Just to update on this for future users, i think the problem mostly lies when using CMUX. It crashes in seconds when CMUX is use (or enabled) with previous python firmware on module, but  the new firmware just merely prolonged the crashed time to miniutes. Without CMUX (just with PC or microcontroller serial interface), it does crashes.


          I think Telit should investigate this issue properly as i believe there are many if not now but in future that will encounter this problem.