SRINGs not received anymore

One thought on “SRINGs not received anymore

  1. Hi,


    I am using GE865 with rev. 10.00.003.

    Testing multisockets with UDP protocol.

    Sending data from modem to UDP echo server using AT#SSENDEXT. 

    When I send a few packets spaced over time I receive an SRING

    for each echo and I can read the echo using AT#SRECV. 

    If I send several packets (10 bytes each) as fast as possible a

    situation is reached when I don’t receive SRINGs anymore.

     At this point, even if I send new packets spaced over time,

    I see that they have reached the server and I see that the modem

    has received the echo using AT#SI, but I dont receive SRINGs anymore. 


    Please, advise.