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  1. Hello,


    I have o GM862-QUAD device with FW 07.02.606. I have tried AT#SRECV command and everytime I get +CME ERROR: 4 as a response. But I have tried AT#SRECV=? and the response seems to indicate that it should be working. Here is a sample log:






    … data followed by 0x1A



    SRING: 2



    #SRECV: (1-6),(1-1500)




    +CME ERROR: 4 


    Any help?




    Roman Bris 

    1. What if you configure srMode with value 2, do you get the data in SRING? What if you try to read fewer data?

      1. Reading fewer data did not helped, I have tried with 500 with the same result. It is not even a matter of FW/HW (I have tried with GE865 and latest FW and its doing the same thing).

        I think it will have something to do with one specific server, but so far I dont know what is wrong exactly..

        I have one test scenario with working and one with non-working server, and comparing the log file made with wireshark, it seems just fine on both of them.. Modul was able to create connection and send data, in both cases and in both of them I can also see that servers repliad with proper message, however on one of them the module reads it properly, and on the other one it ends up with +CME ERROR 4 (older module) and +CME ERROR 555 (new module), however I am can confirm that connection to any other server is just fine…