SPI implementation (multi slave )

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  1. Dear Sir,

    We are using GL868-DUAL V3 module to implement SPI bus (master) to communicate with two slaves. In this slave one will be SPI memory (8Mb) and slave two will be MCU to communicate with other devices.

    My question is that :-

    1. Can we use Telit module as a SPI master mode?
    2. How many slave devices can be connected with module?
    3.  What is the maximum memory size can be handle using python SPI  bus.



    1. Assuming you are talking about Python apps:

      1. Yes.

      2. “Up to 8 Slave Select lines can be defined.”

      3. Irelevant.

  2. Sir,

    Is it Possible to generate and check CRC inside GL868-DUAL V3 module using python scripting? if yes, please specify how.



    1. MD5 hash is included and you can implement simple CRC, there are pieces of code to pick on the Internet..