[SOLVED] time.time and time zones on 2.7

4 thoughts on “[SOLVED] time.time and time zones on 2.7

  1. Is time.time() supposed to deliver the time in UTC (per the Python docs) or local time with the timezone offset appended? The EasyScript 2.7-r3 does not mention this.

  2. Ping. It seems to be local time but how can we detect and adjust the time reported? Do we have to resort to AT commands?


    Given the delay the time.time() method imposes (100ms) I start to sense that the system is already calling the AT engine. Is that correct?

  3. We solved it. The time.time() function uses the same source as the AT engine and is affected by its settings. By configuring the clock to deliver in UTC instead of local time (default) you get the correct behavior from time():