Data through TCP / IP ?? TCP Clint ,

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  1. Hi , 

    I was have SIMCOM module , thin I change all my module to Telit , Different module GM862, ..GL865 .. etc.


    Now I need to make my circuit to be TCP clint to send to spacific server , and Yes it was work fine with SIMCOM module ..

    before I use


    1- AT+CSTT = "Internet Provider"   // set APN

    2- AT+CIICR    // Bring up the connection

    3- AT+CIFSR   // Module local IP

    4- AT+CIPSTART="TCP","IP","Port" //the server IP and port .

    5- AT+CIPSEN   // to send data thin Control-Z


    as simple as that,


    i go through the telit IP easy user Guide , but I cant figer it out ,


    I only need to module to be clint and setup the connection as above and send data to the spacific server …


    please help me out in this issue ..



    1. Is it as simple yet very versatile so you might want to read more in IP Easy User Guide chapter 3 IP Easy Extension.


      1. AT+CGDCONT=1,”IP”,”APN”

      2. AT#SGACT=1,1,"user","password"

      3. AT#SD=1,0,"port",""

      (send, receive data….)


      to terminate.

      You can transfer data while remaining in command mode, is explained in docs.