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  1. We are seeing some "long" delays (1-10 seconds) when establishing a connection to our server so I’m thinking of implementing a socket pool and keep the connections alive instead. The problem is that I can’t figure out how to detect if a socket is connected or not when I don’t have access to poll or select.


    Is anyone here using a socket pool to maintain their connections or have some tricks in reducing the latency when establishing a connection to a server?


    1. AT#SS, AT#ST and AT#SI give info about the socket states.


      Regarding the connection establishing times are you using IPs or FQDNs? If the latter the DNS discovery also consume times so is useful to perform AT#QDNS at intervals and use the answer between.

      1. Perfect, I’ll have a look at those AT commands.


        We are using a domain name which needs to be resolved, but we do not have to since the IP is static. That never even crossed my mind. I’ll probably use the domain name but resolve it once at startup to keep the flexibility.