Socket not closed

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  1. Hello,


    Sometimes, on HE910, when i send AT#SH=1, socket server not receive the close order.


    PS: on F.A.Q you indicates to put AT&K0 for invalidate flow control, but if in connection mode i send more than 500Kbyte at 115200 in EDGE mode, HE910 buffer filled rapidly, i need flow control to break transmit until RF buffer is empty. How to solveCONNECT problem ?



      1. Hi,




        #SS: 1,0
        #SS: 2,0
        #SS: 3,0
        #SS: 4,0
        #SS: 5,0
        #SS: 6,0
        **************************************** Server still connected


          1. You can see all sockets are closed. +++ is to suspend the socket when in online mode connection, has no relevance for command mode.

          2. Hi,


            i found the problem, if  SGACT=1,0 is sent too early after  SH=1, server don’t receive socket closing. if a delay of 2s is observed between SH and SGACT, server receive socket closing.


            i think SGACT=1,0 not wait for SH=1 done.