Socket, multiple frames

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  1. Hi
    I have a problem with sending multiple frames in a TCP socket.
    I want to send several data to a server in online mode.
    The problem is that the server don’t reply with “OK” to the second and the next sent frame despite that the socket is still open.
    Does the problem come from socket configuration ? server ? or other ?
    Note: Data are sent using a GET or POST method to the HTTP server.
    Thanks for your help
  2. I would send more than one frame using one TCP socket connection,
    I tried to send 2 frames ; the first was correctly sent and the server replied "OK"
    but for the second, the server doesn’t reply "OK", there is no response.

    I do that like this :
    MDM.send(‘AT#SD=1,0,80,"ip addr",255,0,0r’, 0)
    reply "CONNECT"

    MDM.send(‘GET/ MyPage.htmlrn)
    wait for reply
    reply "OK"
    MDM.send(‘GET / MyPage.htmlrn)
    wait for reply
    …. no reply
    The server don’t receive the  second frame.
    I wonder if this problem is caused by a socket misconfiguration, or other
    1. If your server hasn’t support for keep live or you are not requesting this on your HTTP GET query the socket is closed on server side after delivering the page.