Socket configuration

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  1. Hi, 

    my situation is as follows:


    – I have configured all possible sockets (1 – 6) with AT#SCFG and assigned them to context 1

    – then I have activated context 1 with cmd AT#SGACT


    My question is: can I change socket paramters (especially timeouts) of a socket that is assosiated with active context? Or is the only possible way to deactivate context, then change the socket parameters and activate context again..




    1. it shoud be possible to change the timeout parameter with at#scfg if you close the socket before, without to deactivate the PDP context  and if you don’t change with the same command the association between connId and cid .


      If you will have problems  after this note, please post the exact sequence of commands, the results you get  and the firmware of the module (at+cgmr)

      1. Thanks for the reply,

        in the meantime I have done some testing and it seems to be working just fine.

        Originally I asked because I got error after setting parameters with at#scfg but that was because some of mine parameters were outside possible values.