Sniff using LE50?

4 thoughts on “Sniff using LE50?

  1. Using LE50-868 I have many transmitters sending to one receiver using Adressed Secured mode.

    I would like another receiver to passivly listen to the packets (sniff?). Is this possible?

    I do not want the senders to send broadcast since I need CRC and ACK.

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        However I can see that if I have another LE50-868 but in Transparent mode it seems to sniff the data. The headers are corrupt but the data look OK.

        Any thoughts on that? 

        1. Hi,

          transparent mode, it is normal since modules receive all data exchanged
          among modules registered into the network. So in your case you receive
          the message.

          in address security mode every data must be encapsulated, the only
          solution  (in address security mode) is to use broadcast function (but
          in this case every module registered into the network receive the data,
          as a transparent protocol).