SMTP port with #EMAILD

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  1. I am wokring with a GE865 QUAD module and I am trying to usse the #EMAILD feature. Everything works fine with one brand of SIM but I am having trouble with another brand of SIM. The error seems to be that they block SMTP port 25 which is somewhat common. Is there a way to change the port to 26 and send an E-mail?

    1. There is no way to change the port in the built-in commands like #SEMAIL and #EMAILD however you can do yourself SMTP over a simple TCP socket connection, is not that hard.

      1. I see the #SKTD command where I can open a socket over any port I want, in this case I am trying to open a TCP connection on port 26. I was able to open a GPRS context and then connect on the socket using that command. I get a response of 220 from the STMP server which suggests it is ready. However, I get locked out of the AT commands at this point. I am not clear on how I can send an E-mail directly from the Telit once I open the socket? Will this only work with an external E-mail client or are there commands to send an E-mail directly?

        1. After getting the connection you must read server answers and send commands on the open socket directly, no need for AT commands. Telit IP Easy User Guide has a chapter describing this, some readings about SMTP protocol will help, and rsterm serial terminal software has an easy way to experiment, learn and use it with simple buttons clicks on dedicated tab.