SMS max delivery time after power on of module

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  1. Hi,


    our device is powered on periodically.  During idle times the GSM module is switched off to save battery power.


    My concern is how long the GSM module must be powered on to receive reliably SMS from the termination SMSC.  (Lets assume the SMS has already arrived at the SMSC).  And also how fast it can be switched off again without loosing SMSs.


    Are there any maximum times specified?





    1. It depends on network timer between module registration and SMSC retry to deliver pending SMS. It is not under the control of the module

      1. It depends on the retransmission timer of the SMSC. It is a network timer that is not under the control of the module.

        That’s what I expected too.

        Any clue, what the maximum settings for the SMSC retransmission timer are?  Are they in second/minute/hour range?



        1. Maybe I am wrong, but I guess you could "provoke" the network somehow, like making an interrupted call attempt, sending an SMS, or similar, and thereby getting attention from the SMSC.  However, this would eat some extra energy.


          Br, Tom

          1. of course the module can send an SMS to itself trying to force SMSC download of pending messages.


            SMSC timer, the  3GPP 03.40 spec says that "When there is an ongoing
            MT-SMS transfer to the MS (see GSM 04.11), or other busy condition for
            MT-SMS, the
            MSC has the option to store the TPDU in a queue for a
            short time (which must be shorter than the supervision timer defined in
            GSM 09.02). The maximum time that a message may be queued is related to
            the permitted delay for the MSC to respond to the SMS-GMSC. When the MS
            becomes available for MT-SMS transfer, the stored TPDUs are delivered
            the MS on a first-in first-out basis. If a message is not successfully
            transferred to the MS within the permitted time, the MSC returns an
            appropriate error to the SMS-GMSC.


            Anyway in the 09.02 I cannot find any reference to this timer.

            I could say to wait a couple of minutes.

          2. Hi Andrea,


            many thanks for your suggestions.  Some questions rear up:

            1.  how can the device send an SMS to itself?  Dumb question, I know, but AFAIK not all SIM have the own number stored.  Anything in GSM like
            2. where in this “3gpp bunch of documents” I can find the referred document?


          3. Thanks Cosmin,

            1. yes, the operator should now.  Nevertheless our installation goal is to have almost zero effort (only config of SIM-Pin).  SMS is also a first time initialization, so the own number is not known (yet).So there is nothing like
            2. haha, my favourite for dumb questions is (the reply has been well deserved by me ;-)).
              My problem is, that I’m getting a lot of links to a lot of documents – as usual with google.  wikipedia revealed to me, that TS 23.040 is the most recent spec.  I will continue searching and reading.  Nevertheless a generous hint where I can find spec about SMS transmission timing and abouts its limits is always welcome…


          4. You can imagine something like this: in your application startup check a special field for the number, if is not set call/SMS a "server config app" which will return the number by SMS, store it.