SMS in PDU mode

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  1. Hi,


    I have been able to send SMS when in text mode, but due some text mode restriction I need the PDU mode, hovewer I am not able to get that to work..


    My basic init

    – SIM (pin, etc,)

    – wait until connected to network

    – select correct operator


    sms specific:





    also I check that the SMSC number is correctly set. 


    Then I try to send actual SMS with:




    > 0011000A9290201808630000AA0AE8329BFD0011000A9290201808630000AA0AE8329BFD


    but the only response I get is +CMS ERROR: 331 (no network service)


    hovewer as I wrote earlier, when in text mode it works just fine.


    Can you tell what am I doing wrong or can you at least forward me to some example that is using PDU mode?


    Thanks for the reply 


    1. Is your PDU correct, I have doubts about the phone number and the length? What tools/software are you using to encode?


        1. This one says the number is 090… which is not in the international format.



          1. Yes but there is also 92 and not 91 which should mean national format… so the number is then correct. Or am I missing something?





          2. PDUspy decodes it as +0902818036 which is not correct, the decoder in your link gives 0902818036 again not a correct international number. One starting with +90 would be correct, but that is Turkey … Slovakia must be +421 isn’t it?

  2. Ok, I have used PDUspy to create my message, which is now


    but I still get the error 331 

    Maybe I am doing something wrong when sending the actual command. What should be the length parameter for this particular message?
      1.  07.02.606 reported error 
        331, now I have tried also other modem with 10.00.005 and this one gets me +CMS ERROR: 195 which seems to be Invalid SME address