SMS ” and , char ???

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  1. I try receive data SMS from GE865 quad module and all OK but if receive sms with this special char " and , then after CMGR=1 receive this text :

    0054006F0074006F0020006A00650020 …

    all other text are normal.

    I have set CSCS IRA and CMGF to text.

    I send SMS from HTC Hero.

    But If receive SMS from other tel. Sony Ericsson then receive this :

    This is test "1234" , ABC 


    my HTC Hero send in different code char.

    how can I decode different code char???


    how max size is one SMS received ? 160? 7septet 140octet and 70-16bit code??


    how detect what code char receive SMS???




  2. Solve this problem with new sms send – receive program Handcent.

     But how to detect what coding scheme is used in actual received sms ???



      1. but now I have problem receive SMS in text mode correctly.
        pls write here all AT command for default setting GSM (factory default) .
        I still receive mesage text in some coding scheme format.
        I don’t want decode it self.

        example :



         I send SMS with out of special char.


        1. Please post the real log of the following actions:


          – set AT+CMEE=2

          – set desired character set with AT+CSCS

          – send a SMS to own module number

          – read this SMS after receiving



          1. In case this happens only when sending from your HTC Hero, looks like it sends the messages in UCS2 coding, and you must decode it at receive, or find a way to convince the Hero to send with another character set..