small problem in firmware???

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  1. Hi.
    I want ask, for some problem what I find if test my program.

    If send to GSM module any AT command (test only few) then GSM module respond :

    at command (is is enable to send) and + char 13 + char 10 after this send :

    char 13 + char 10  respond + char 13 + char 10 

    + char 13 + char 10 OK + char 13 + char 10

    example :

    I send to GSM : AT+GMI +13+10

    GSM answer :

    AT+GMI + 13+10

    +13+10 +Telit+13+10



    I receive this directly from Tx pin in GSM  to hardware COM port in my PC.

    and what is problem???

    some time GSM module answer only AT+GMI+13 , missing char 10

    I need this , it’s very important for me , in PC if receive this string and  want copy just Manufacturer then just copy string from to but if missing some char then I bud copy data , yes I can control where are data start but :

    is it problem in firmware or what ???



  2. I made a small program to send and watch response, automatically: in 800 trials failed 10 times to echo LF.


    But think at these:

    – the first line of the response is the echo of what you are sending

    – you should terminate the command with CR, ie dec 13 hex 0D and not with CR-LF. Maybe the unnecessary LF is ignored and discarded even in echo sometimes


    – solution: don’t send LF, and look for the first CR-LF, before "Telit", as the start in your parsing


    1. thanks , 

      I thinks so problem is so  need terminate command only with 13 don’t need use 10

      and yes I create small function what parse received data and work good.