Slience Dectection on voice calls

3 thoughts on “Slience Dectection on voice calls

  1. We are working on an automatic call clear-down application for voice calls, and need to know if it’s possible to detect a period of silence from the far end during a voice call, similar to (or perhaps using) the H24 +FRS command.


    We need to do this to initial a call clear-down if the called end party  goes on-hook (UK exchanges allow this to be treated as a call on hold)


    Is a silence possible to detect, or do we need to detect it external to the module?


    We are using a GE865.



    1. Isn’t the AT+FRS command a fax thing, not voice? GE865 has it implemented too.

      Something simple on the audio line like a rectifier then a voltage comparator would do the trick I suppose?

  2. Thanks, yes, it is a fax thing, but we need similar functionality, or for +FRS to work in voice mode (I’m not hopeful)


    Alternatively,  we can threshold something on the audio line, yes.