SL869-V2 query based data

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  1. Dear Sir,

    We are using JN3 module for Vehicle tracking system, now we have planned to use SL869-V2 module for same application.

    Our application is that to ask query based NMEA string.

    In JN3 module, we have configured below commands to disable continuous NMEA string. Whenever we require GPS data from JN3 we just sending commands to get data.

    GPS_Set_Serial_Port_4800[] = “$PSRF100,1,4800,8,1,0*0Ern”;
    GPS_Set_Serial_Port_115200[] = “$PSRF100,1,115200,8,1,0*05rn”;
    GPS_Dis_GGA[] = “$PSRF103,00,00,00,01*24rn”;                // Disable GGA message
    GPS_Dis_GLL[] = “$PSRF103,01,00,00,01*25rn”;                // Disable GSAGLL message
    GPS_Dis_GSA[] = “$PSRF103,02,00,00,01*26rn”;                // Disable GSAGSA message
    GPS_Dis_GSV[] = “$PSRF103,03,00,00,01*27rn”;                // Disable GSAGSV message
    GPS_Dis_RMC[] = “$PSRF103,04,00,00,01*20rn”;                // Disable GSARMC message
    GPS_Dis_VTG[] = “$PSRF103,05,00,00,01*21rn”;                // Disable GSAVTG message
    GPS_Query_RMC[] = “$PSRF103,04,01,00,01*21rn”;         // Querry GSARMC message
    GPS_Query_GSA[] = “$PSRF103,02,01,00,01*27rn”;          // Querry no of active satellites
    GPS_Query_GSV[] = “$PSRF103,03,01,00,01*26rn”;         // Querry Signal strength of GPS
    GPS_Query_GGA[] = “$PSRF103,00,01,00,01*25rn”;
    GPS_Query_GLL[] = “$PSRF103,01,01,00,01*24rn”;


    But in SL869-V2, we could not find commends to disable NMEA string.

    Please suggest commands to disable continuous NAEA string and get query based data from SL869-V2.

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    2. Dear Diwakar,

      The command to disable/enable NMEA sentences is PMTK314 and it is described in section 4.18 of the user guide attached.
      In the latest firmware version (3.8.4), GSV, RMC, VTG, GGA and GSA are enabled by default.

      In the Mediatek modules (SL869-V2), it is not possible to get query.

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      Best regards,
      Federica Cara