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  1. Hallo,


    I’ve studied the documentation and can’t find any notice about the power consumption from the SL869. What is the minimum/maximum current for the module?


    1. Hello Micheal, 

      3.0V to 3.6V supply voltage for the module. The SL869 includes a switching voltage regulator that supplies 1.8V to the GNSS device.


      The Battery Backup supply voltage is 2.5V to 3.6V. It is a typical low current supply for 

      ensuring that the RTC is kept running and critical data is maintained to enable HOT/WARM 



      In the attachment file you can find all reference value of power consumption.


      Best Regards



      1. Hallo Matteo,


        thank’s for your response.Please point me to the document where  this is shown.

        In the Telit_Jupiter_SL869_Hardware_User_Guide_r1 I could not find it.


        We have made some measurements, even on you EVK and get always beetween 85 and 93mA!

        1. Hello Micheal,


          please find in attachment the latest product description of the SL869.

          On page 21 paragraph 5.8.1 the reference table reported that values.


          Could you please give me the serial number of your module?


          Thanks & Regards



          1. Thank your for the new document.


            The  number which is printed on the module is 1234532C14875

          2. Hello Micheal,


            from this serial number I noticed your SL869 has an old revision of chipset, and that is the fact because you saw a current consumption between 80-95 mA.


            The new revision of the module (Rev. F) has a less power consumption , near 35% less.

             and  this value are reported on User guide.


            SL869GNS312T001 that should be the PN of your module. 




            Matteo Manca