Simplest Audio In (Microphone) Circuit to use with GE865-QUAD

3 thoughts on “Simplest Audio In (Microphone) Circuit to use with GE865-QUAD

  1. Hello,


    Can someone give me an example of the simplest circuit that can be used to capture audio using a SMT microphone, that will give an acceptable audio quality ? Using the lowest count of components possible.

     There’s no need for speakers, just audio capturing. 





    1. Check Hardware User Guide schematics from the Audio chapter and the Audio Settings Application Note (quite detailed).

      1. My tests with audio on GE865 shows that mic input has not sufficient sensitivity for direct microphone connection without amplifier. Adding low noise mic could fix the problem, but PCB must be designed very carefully.


        Now, I am using GL 865-DUAL and microphone is directly connected to mic input (with 1KOhm resistor to GND as shown in Telit papres). Perfect sensitivity!